Q: Why should I try your service?

A: For people who keep their own stats, you know how time intensive it is to collect and verify all these numbers.  Take a weekend when college football, college basketball, NFL, NHL, and the NBA are all in season.  It can take more time running down all the numbers than it does to study them.  You take a day off and you are that much further behind.  For people who cap without keeping their own stats or use a site which lists basic stats, you can improve your own game.  Having your own numbers in front of you that you can manipulate your way, research your way, as well as having median lines and moneyline instead of closing lines from one book only, will put you ahead of the curve.


Q: How long do you keep the daily stats on site?

A: We keep the entire year on the site at all times.


Q: Where do your lines come from?

A: Our lines are the median lines at all the major books.  If there is ever a question, we default to CRIS/Bookmaker.


Q: What book do you use for the opening line?

A: We use CRIS/Bookmaker for the opening line in every spot but baseball because they are a 20 cent book.  For baseball, we take the major 10 cent line books as our group and use their overnight consensus as the opening line.


Q: What are the rules to buying an archived data?

A: We only have a couple rules we ask you to follow as well as a couple bonuses.

1.  You can't reproduce and sell the data. 

2.  Anything you discover researching the data can be used anyway you like.  We wouldn't mind you mentioning that you got your data from us if you make anything public.

If you buy the archived data, you will get the following:

1.  If you buy data of a sport currently in season, you will have access to the daily updates for the rest of that season and a file for any games not still accessible,

2.  If you buy a data of a sport currently not in season, you will have access to the daily updates for the next season.